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Dedicated to Handcrafting the Finest Logging Supplies and Tools

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Your job keeps industries around the world moving, so there's no time for faulty equipment or messing around with a broken scabbard. That's why Grizzly Peak Enterprises in Smelterville, Idaho, is dedicated to handcrafting the finest logging supplies and tools to simplify your day. Our aluminium and leather gear is made using green techniques and hand-operated machinery wherever possible, to ensure they meet your rigorous demands.

By minimizing electricity and handcrafting everything, we ensure that only the best products leave our facility. After more than 40 years of experience creating these fine scabbards, ribbon dispensers, leather belts, and harnesses, we know you're going to love our work. Each piece is designed to last and ensure your safety, as well as to save you time by keeping the tools of the trade close at hand.

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Four Reasons To Purchase GRIZZLY PEAK'S Scabbards

  • 1. Safer to Use
  • 2. Lightweight
  • 3. Quality Construction
  • 4. Field Test Durability